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Want to improve your overall wellness? Then check out the blog for all the things related to wellness & life to improve your Trinity of Wellness!

This creative space is designed to address topics and issues such as:

∘ self-development self-care mindset gut imbalance ∘ food sensitivities ∘ wellness imbalance ∘ relationships and friendships ∘ toxic relationships (domestic violence) ∘ mental health ∘ overall wellness

My goal is to help as many women as possible find balance within themselves & realize how beautiful and loved they truly are!

The blog is a creative space for me to discuss topics with like-minded women & women going through similar things I went through. I apply my personal experiences & researched knowledge to everything I talk about!

What is the Trinity of Wellness?

The mind, body, and heart come together to create what I refer to as the Trinity of Wellness. Wellness comes from an enhanced quality of life through personal growth & a positive lifestyle. It’s more than a physical sense of wellbeing and for optimal wellness, the Trinity needs to be balanced. We can improve our overall wellness through self-development, self-care, and mindset work.

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