The Science-Based Method to Achieving Radiant & Healthy Skin

In November 2018, I was approached by one of my favorite bloggers: Sara from Healthy Skin Glows.

Sara, who suffered from acne for many years, is an active scientist who has spent 15+ years figuring out what really makes the skin clear and beautiful– healing her own acne along the way.

She explains that even though we’re all different, we have so much in common scientifically:

  • how our hormones work
  • how our skin works
  • how our entire body works

“I am here to transform all that info into easy, actionable steps you need to get the great skin you rightfully deserve,” says Sara on her website.

My Skin Issues

Since March, I’ve been having serious adult acne & trying different methods for months. I went to the dermatologist, sought out treatments from Curology, and applied many different topical treatments. Lots of people recommend changing your diet to improve your skin from the inside out, which I already did.

I eliminated most of the things that already inflamed my gut, but my face was still breaking out. I started researching for other methods & came across Sara’s blog.

Her methods & advice are backed by science & compiled from years of experience, so I had complete trust in what she was saying. I used some of her guides to determine which products were clogging my pores.

The face wash I was using religiously was comedogenic (clogs pores). I immediately eliminated all the products that were not bettering my skin.

It helped alleviate my skin & ease the constant breaking out, but my skin wasn’t clearing up completely. I wasn’t seeing the healthy skin I wanted.

Introducing the Skin Rebalancing Protocol

After months of reading her newsletters & blog posts on how to achieve healthy skin, I followed her on Instagram & she contacted me to test out her new program.

“A step-by-step guide to creating your best skincare routine for clearer and more glowing skin. Quit harsh acne treatments without causing new breakouts, optimize your cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing routine, and bring your skin back to its healthy balance. Be confident that your skincare routine supports your skin’s natural healing processes for a lifetime of beautiful and youthful skin.”

Sara had already been talking about her program in her newsletter & I was immediately interested in enrolling. Fortunately, she offered the program to me for free!

I was eager to dive-in! I immediately watched all the videos, read the actionable steps for each phase (eliminate, balance, and enrich), and ordered a couple of the recommended products to begin my new journey to healthy skin.

And guess what?! My skin has finally healed.

The videos are direct and provide in-depth & easy to understand information about our skin.

We must heal our skin & get it back to it’s healthy state before we enrich it.

Elimination Phase

During the elimination phase, there is one video on how to properly eliminate damaging products from our skin routine. The rest of the elimination phase has documents about conventional acne treatments and how they actually work, how to eliminate medicated acne products without getting new breakouts, skincare ingredients that should not be used in the morning, and then there is a document about following a new skincare routine for the eliminate phase (for different skin types).

This phase is crucial to regaining health in our skin. We are eliminating any products that have been damaging the skin barrier.

Balance Phase

This phase helps rebuild the skin’s barrier, acid mantle, & skin microbiome.

The balance phase has a ton of videos about finding the balance point for our skin, how to know which skincare changes to make, cleansing/moisturizing/exfoliating for your skin type, how to add oils into your routine the correct way, and a pdf for a skincare routine for the balance phase.

Enrich Phase

For the enrich phase, there is information for tried and tested skincare ingredients that will be introduced back into the skincare routine, how to layer products correctly, how to reduce blackheads, comedones, and whiteheads, how to heal hyperpigmentation and acne scars, antiaging tips, and routine for the enrich phase.

Evaluation & Extras

Sara helps us evaluate & decide if we are ready for the new phases. She also has a ton of extras in the program, including safe DIY recipes, product recommendations with discounts, 20 skincare rules to live by, and her grocery list she personally follows.

My Facial Routine for Healthy Skin

My facial routine is simple & quick. I’m staying in the balance phase until I’m ready to enrich it with the right products.

In the morning, I generally work out & then wash my face with a gentle cleanser in the shower. Before applying makeup, I spray my face with a rose-water toner. That’s it.

For the evening, sometimes I use a micellar water & then wash my face with the same gentle cleanser. After that, I spray my face with the rose water toner. I have used rose seed hip oil occasionally, but I will apply it more during the enrich phase.

I have a ton of acne scars that I plan on fixing during the balancing phase (I’ll do an update). Also, Sara says we should never ever pick our skin, because it just disrupts the layer of our skin. It also helps spread bacteria on the face, which was one of my problems down below—-in my before picture.

Now, no more picking my face, no more products that clog my pores, no more exfoliating constantly.

Sara has explained everything so well, and I am doing things for my skin due to very-well explained information rather than just doing it because someone tells me.

Here is my skin: before the program & after a month of following the program

Use Code: LAUNCHPROMO for Skin Rebalancing Protocol

Until January 14, you could get the program for $67. After January 14th, the program is back to $99. This program is jam packed with information & science-backed info, Sara has worked sooo hard on compiling all this information to help people all over the world find balance & health in their skin.

I highly, highly recommend this course! It’s only on discount for a limited time, but it’s worth the $99 as well. The content is yours forever to refer back to.

The link above will take you to her new program & a little mini free program that gives a little intro (and useful actionable info).

Little Taste of the Program

From Sara’s free mini intro course to the program:

My Super easy DIY skin-clearing recipe with green tea extract


30mL of your regular toner (I recommend rose water)

20-25 drops of alcohol-free green tea extract (I recommend this one)


Simply add the green tea extract into your toner and lightly mix together. It’s ready! You can spray it all over your face morning and evening, or even several times per day.

You can use a separate 30mL glass bottle for this, or calculate how much of the green tea extract you need per the amount of toner you have. It’s a good idea to mix just a small amount at first to see how your skin reacts. For example, only about 10 drops per 30mL of your toner.

Before you begin to use it, just do a patch test (as with any new skincare product), to ensure your skin doesn’t react badly. I hope you love it, and let me know how it works for you.

Make sure to keep it in the fridge!

Please reach out to me if you have any questions about the program or are interested in signing up!

I would love to introduce you to Sara directly, that way she can assess the best approach for your skin!