Practicing Self-Love

What is Self-Love?

Self-love means putting yourself & your own well-being first. It allows us to explore our own thoughts, emotions, what we prefer in our personal space, and get to know ourselves a little bit better. People talk about self-love as taking baths, putting on a face mask, pouring themselves a glass & putting on their favorite show, or reading while drinking a cup of tea. Whatever it may be, that is how they choose to practice self-love.

People can act a little weird when they hear the word “self-love”, because they don’t understand exactly what it is or they have never practiced self-love before.

What does self-love look like?

I consider self-love to be a practice & I perform that practice through “me-time”.

It’s a time one spends with themselves to do what they want (whatever makes them happy, relaxed, etc.)

My practice of self-love consists of cooking a delicious meal that makes me feel energized, journaling, meditating, exercising, taking a walk, catching up on podcasts, reading, and practicing jade rolling & Gua Sha.

For me, it’s about slowing down, taking time to be in the moment, and doing something for myself that makes me happy.

We are always on the go & trying to meet deadlines or goals. For our well-being, it’s important to take time for ourselves to recharge & reconnect.

As an introvert, I need time alone to decompress. Slowing down allows me to reconnect & address if I am progressing into the person I want to be.

During my self-care practice, I usually stay in the moment. However, I sometimes use this time to reflect & do some self-development work:

  • Am I striving to better myself?
  • Where am I heading in life?
  • Am I reaching my goals?
  • Who do I want to be?
  • How can I truly help others and make a positive impact

Here is a quick look at my self-love practice

  • Active 3-4 times a week: workouts, yoga, walks
  • Cooking: every morning, almost every night
  • Meditating: before or after working out
  • Journaling: usually after I meditate to write down thoughts or ideas
    • This is where I write down my affirmations or mantras
  • Podcasts & Audio books: I listen to these when I’m driving by myself or cleaning alone so that I could soak up all the information & be fully immersed.

Before we start, there are a couple things that we need to do.

  • Clean & detox your room
    • You’ll feel a thousand times better! This allows you to bring new things into your life & kind of start anew!
  • Find your happy spot
    • Figure out where you like to hangout
      • what makes you feel the happiest, most comfortable, or most at peace (whichever is most important to you)
      • Hanging out at your favorite coffee to shop to read or blog
      • Taking a walk in your favorite park or on your favorite trail
      • Working out at your favorite studio or at home
      • Meditating outside or in a comfortable place in your house

Creating a Self-Love Practice

  • Make time in your schedule to practice self-love every day, every other day, or every week
    • This means you’re more likely to follow through if it is scheduled out
  • Turn off the TV & unplug from social media
    • You can still use your phone for streaming workout videos, meditations, or podcasts/audio books if those are part of your practice
  • Start journaling
    • Journal your intentions for practicing self-love
      • Self-love requires us to appreciate & love ourselves the way we are. We can still work to improve ourselves & improve our wellbeing.
      • Having a journal also gives you the opportunity to write down affirmations & mantras, if those will be a part of your practice
    • Self-love can be practiced through self-expression
      • Drawing, writing, painting, creating

Choose a couple of activities that you would like to perform during your self-love practice & be mindful on the amount of time you have dedicated to your practice:

  • Meditating
  • Working out
  • Walking on your favorite trail
  • Practicing yoga
  • Reading books on your reading list
  • Creating affirmations or mantras to read back to yourself
  • Take a hot bath with essential oils or your favorite bath bomb
  • Put on a facemask that suits your skin & revitalizes you
  • Cook yourself a tasty & nutritious meal
  • Paint
  • Write: poems, books, blog posts, whatever you need to do to express yourself

Those are just a few activities you could add to your self-love practice.

The activities don’t have to be done all in the same block of time, but you should schedule time to do some of these activities each week. Or find time in your every day moments to squeeze some of this in. If you’re performing these activities to improve your well-being & happiness, then you’re practicing self-love. It does not have to be a spa-day every time you want to practice self-love, but if that’s what works for you, it totally can be!