Crystals & Their Powers

“Why is Maddie talking about crystals, aren’t they just pretty rocks?”

Yes, crystals are pretty, but they are more than just earthly materials!

We all carry an energy within us, everything in our universe is made up of energy. With this philosophy, crystals also possess energy and absorb/exert certain kinds of energy depending on the crystal.

Shift your mindset to match the level of energy you want to receive.

  • Crystals work because we believe they work.
  • Energy works because we believe it works.
  • We must still take the necessary steps and actions for the results we want.
  • Having an open mind and vibe of receiving allows energy and frequency to shift to match your new perceived energy (or openness or frequency).

I’ve been carrying a bag of selected crystals around with me lately, just to have that energy with me.

It’s up to me for that energy to translate into my everyday life.

Blindly trusting the crystal to bring a certain kind of energy into your life is not the way it works!

What’s in my bag?

I pulled 6 crystals that are effective for attracting and maintain Love, Success, and Health.

  • Rhodochrosite: To aid in unconditional self-love, which helps boost confidence and radiates through your aura.
  • Celestite: To help heal emotional trauma. It can reconnect you with your intuition and highest potential.
  • Garnet: Grounding qualities promote a healthy relationship with reality, while connecting you to gratitude and the beauty within your environment. This stone aligns thoughts with the material world and help transform dreams into reality.
  • Peridot: To help alleviate fears around success, work, or responsibility. Stimulates the mind and shines the light on pathways towards success.
  • Herkimer Diamond: to act as a power-charger for other crystals used with it. It helps improve stamina and energy.
  • Amethyst: To help let go of daily stresses and upsets that can out a damper on your metaphysical energy.

I carry these in my bag and have them next to me while journaling, working, or meditating. They help remind me why I carry them around and what energy I want to attract or heal.

It is the purpose I set behind the stones that let me feel the energy I desire. By putting meaning and knowledge into the things I desire and want to shift, I am actively and subconsciously working to improve myself and my energy.

Do the Work

  • Meditating, journaling, working out, creating content, doing the work for my dream career and life…. those are actions.
  • Actions that allow the energy to come in because my mindset openly welcomes it.
  • I’m actively seeking the energy.

The crystals are a reminder of:

  • The things I desire
  • The dreams I want to make a reality
  • The healthy person I want to be

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  • What crystals do you own?
  • What are your opinions on crystals?

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