Trinity of Wellness

What is the Trinity of Wellness?

The mind, body, and heart come together to create what I refer to as the Trinity of Wellness. Wellness comes from an enhanced quality of life through personal growth & a positive lifestyle. It’s more than a physical sense of wellbeing and for optimal wellness, the Trinity needs to be balanced. We can improve our overall wellness through self-development, self-care, and mindset work. 

Body Trinity of Wellness Madison M. Warner
Heart Trinity of Wellness Madison M. Warner

How Do I Improve My Trinity of Wellness?

I’m happy you asked! Throughout this website, you will be able to see a ton of resources, advice, lifestyle recommendations, and articles pertaining to improving your trinity of wellness! It is a continuing process, but it will improve your life in many ways. If you are experiencing discomfort within your life, then there is something out of balance & I will help you address what it is, what causes it, and how to achieve balance again. Check out my personal story for more about how I discovered the trinity of wellness!

❁ Mind ❁

The mind is the mental aspect, full of thoughts, ideas, memories, knowledge, and the center of true emotion. We like to think we feel with our heart, but the brain contains all of the neurons that decides how we feel and when. When the mind is imbalanced, you may feel depression, anxiety, compulsions, fears, and so much more! The brain is truly fascinating and the driving force of everything we do. We need to balance the mind to create the chain reaction of finding balance in the body and heart in order to find true wellness.

❁ Body ❁

Our body is the physical being we are in. From the cells and neurons to the internal organs that help with digestion and blood flow, to the physical arms and legs that perform actions and movements. You have probably heard this a million times already, but we only get one body! We need to take care of it like it takes cares of us. Nutrition and exercise are great ways to improve the body’s well being. I like to include meditation within this component of the trinity because it does help the mind and heart, but pairs well with the nutrition and exercise aspect.

❁ Heart ❁

The heart is the organ within our body that keeps us alive, but I also like to believe that’s where our soul, passions, and purposes resides. “Think with you heart” is a saying that people tend to use when making choices that are supposed to impact our feelings. When we think with our mind, we rationalize and calculate, but when we think with our heart, we tend to take risks that our mind might not let us take. The heart chooses who to love, what we want to do with our lives, gives us the travel-bug, and connects us with others. To improve the heart component, we look into our passions, dreams, and feelings.